Made in Italy


a professional response to real VACUUM packaging and storage requirements

AIRLESSS, a new brand line from Minerva Omega Group, is a line of machines and equipment resulting from our extensive technical experience as designers and producers of food processing systems.
World-renowned for the quality and reliability of our products, which are all made in Italy, this broad new range of models offers the sector particularly high-performing vacuum machines capable of meeting any requirement, from small-scale catering to the delicatessen counters of large wholesalers.
Ease of use, simple controls, broad range of adjustments, ergonomics, electronic and mechanical parts specific for the food sector and intensive use even in extreme working conditions, ease of maintenance and cleaning.
These are the major bonus es of the  AIRLESSS VACUUM SYSTEM  line.

We design and manufacture a wide range of machines and systems for food processing and preservation. We are a consolidated business renowned in Italy and abroad for our skills, production capacity and the quality of our machines


Our plus points:

- certified quality of constructed machines, rigorously made in Italy

- after-sales service

- range of models for all requirements

- far-reaching presence in Europe and beyond


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