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Double resistance
Two parallel sealing tracks (double resistance) which ensure a greater safety to the sealing of the bag.


Electronic Vacuum Control

System which uses a sophisticated and reliable digital control system to measure the degree of vacuum and stop the evacuation process when the programmed conditions have been met – thus leaving no margin of error and guaranteeing maximum efficiency and the best packaging results.



NeMoSy® system (Nexus Monitoring System) allows to detect, transmit, analyse and check data (see »).


Extra vacuum

System which allows the almost total removal of the residual air. This system allows to perform a 99,8% vacuum.




Gas Injection Kit

Kit for the gas injection* (Protective atmosphere) in the vacuum bag after the vacuum cycle, in order to increase the product’s shelf life and retain Its quality and appearance.


External Vacuum

Accessory for vacuuming in external pan (not included).


Inclinated filling plane for liquids

Inclinated filling plane for packing liquid products.


Opposite sealing Bar

Opposite sealing Bar installed on the lid (Available ONLY for front bars – NOT for side bars




Bag of Sous vide insulating balls

Bag of Sous vide insulating balls (nr. 250 units) - for temperature stabilization and limitation of the evaporation - Balls Ø 20 mm


Plastic Tank

Plastic Tank 1/1 GN (lid not included). Dimensions: 530 x 325xh=200mm – Capacity: 26,5 lt.


Plastic Lid

Plastic Lid (with cut for cooking heater PSC 2) for tank 1/1 GN








Due to possible risk of explosion, it’s not possible to use mixtures of gas with percentages of oxygen higher than to those normally present in the atmosphere (about 21% approximately). Our company is not responsible in anyway in case of use of the machine not in accordance with above mentioned instructions and with the ones included in the user manual.

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