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Sous-vide cooking

Sous-vide cooking is increasingly used nowadays thanks to the innovative advantages it offers. Rediscovered in the early ’70s and subsequently improved and applied to the industrial sector, sous-vide cooking has now become a real revelation: in addition to allowing healthy, light cooking, it also enhances the flavour and prevents nutrients being lost, as occurs when using conventional cooking methods at higher temperatures. Another immediate advantage. over other cooking methods is its precision and the control over the temperatures achieved during sous-vide cooking. Any surges or changes in temperature are kept to a minimum, enabling more precise, measured and constant cooking.
The fact the food is cooked inside a bag and does not come into contact with water has other advantages too:
  • the food loses less weight than with conventional methods and stays soft as no evaporation occurs
  • the food’s substances and nutrients are kept unchanged, leaving the organoleptic properties and flavour intact
This kind of cooking is also hygienic. The bag inside which the food is cooked protects it from any external contaminants.
These are the main reasons sous-vide cooking is a technique worthy of being discovered in all its facets.
A modern and healthy cooking method, perfectly in line with the times.
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