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Minerva Omega Group: Made in Italyproduction

To distribute its products around the world, and provide effective technical support and exclusive consultancy, Minerva Omega Group has created a large production, sales and support organisation.
The Bologna headquarters is always ready to provide technical and commercial information and a rapid original spare parts service, in order to keep customer satisfaction high and to protect the investment made.





Automated lines

Automated line for the production of sheet metal components


70 years' experience in machining, bending, welding and sheet metal assembly, teamed with our production philosophy, have enabled us to draw the maximum potential from highly automated departments with the purchase of cutting-edge machinery and lines managed by highly qualified personnel.

For the production of large series, we use a Cartesian bending robot, specially installed to automatically bend even large-sized stainless steel sheets.
Higher precision finish and control operations are carried out by specialised operators.




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